Industrial construction

Say goodbye to never-ending deadline extensions and skyrocketing costs.
Fournier is reliable and predictable... Avoid the unexpected setbacks that affect your profitability. Our reputation for agility and quality speaks for itself. We are always one step ahead; we do more, and we do it better.

A solid partner you can count on.

Your industrial projects are in good hands, whether in Canada or internationally.

With its experience in construction, our team offers tailored and innovative solutions to meet the most complex challenges. You can delegate with peace of mind, relying on a partner that is in full control of every aspect of the project. You are dealing with a supplier who cares about your interests and anticipates your needs. Limit risk, achieve economies of scale and save time.

Your one-stop shop

Our vertical integration from design to installation makes Fournier your trusted partner from A to Z.

A whole team behind you

A professional service combining respect for standards, exemplary quality, and optimal safety.

You can count on a team of seasoned engineers and contractors who ensure that everything is done in accordance with rules and deadlines. Our sustained presence on the site brings incomparable gains in terms of efficiency. Our team is constantly keeping abreast of new knowledge, and each member is fully committed to the success of your project. Fournier aims to maximize everyone's strengths without the unnecessary multiplication of stakeholders and administrative time losses that bring no added value.

Turnkey service

We provide total accountability, and your results are guaranteed.

Fournier deals directly with major clients. We are able to handle all aspects of your construction project, from engineering to installation. Our integrated solutions ensure efficiency, quality, and high added value throughout the process. Definition of project requirements and scope, characterization of human and technical resources required, engineering, manufacturing and testing, transportation, installation, commissioning, quality assurance... We leave nothing to chance, especially when it comes to your satisfaction.


A comprehensive and integrated offer at your service