Innovation and
product development

We operate in a dynamic environment integrating robotics, connectivity and cutting-edge technology. The Fournier Innovation and Development Center allows our dedicated team to quickly test and experiment concepts to maximize our organic growth. Along the same lines, we are structuring ourselves to integrate new acquisitions focused on product performance, quality, simplicity, reliability and sustainability.


We listen to everyone, with the aim of creating an inspiring environment where our creativity will be put to the service of our renowned customers.


Our structured approach strengthens team cohesion and makes it possible to introduce ideas with high potential through long-term projects while maintaining strategic alignment.


Our multidisciplinary team trained and dedicated to innovation facilitates the involvement and development of everyone’s ideas.


We dedicate facilities and equipment to accelerate the realization and integration of concepts.

Peace of mind

We require a complete testing and validation program from our engineers and technicians in order to always offer products that respect our values.

Proven sustainability

Our concern for sustainable development is present at every stage of development, from design to use. Our machineries have proven durability and stand out for their low energy consumption and ease of use.

Cutting edge network

We combine our strengths with those of the best research and technology partners. Our collaborations with centers of expertise, institutions, universities, networks and CCTT are at the heart of our strategy and our avant-garde position.