Consumables for
Aluminum Smelters

Your aluminum smelter deserves to have quality and consistent supply to avoid costly productions interruptions.
Fournier has been serving aluminum smelters since 1976, first under the name Richmond Fournier and now as Fournier Alumineries.

Your strategic partner

Fournier specializes in the cutting of replacement logs for anode rods and low-carbon steel collector bars. We are mindful that these products are used on a large scale by aluminum smelters in their daily operations, so we are committed to offering personalized service and just-in-time deliveries.


Turnkey service

Safe supply

Anode logs

The anode logs have diameters ranging from 130 to 230 mm. They are then cut into various lengths according to the specifications of each of our clients and delivered according to their needs.

Cathode bars

The cathode bars are rectangular or square in shape. They are cut into various lengths, straightened, and squared to meet the manufacturing tolerances of our clients.