Fournier Foundation

In accordance with its corporate social responsibility policy and mission, Fournier actively engages in its community every year through the Fournier Foundation.
A budget is specifically allocated to this fund by the entire group for each financial year to support regional initiatives in accordance with the selection criteria listed below.

Any donation request must align with the objectives of the company's social responsibility policy and mission. It must also meet the general selection criteria and fit within the priority sectors, regions, and target audiences defined by Fournier.


  • Alignment with the mission and values of the company
  • Positive impact on the community or society
  • Relevance to the company's priority areas or sectors
  • Transparency and financial responsibility of the beneficiary organization
  • Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Measurable impact of the donation

Priority sectors

Our values are the foundation of our corporate culture and shape our approach every day.

Educational and school sector

For example, foundations of CEGEPs, high schools, vocational training centres, primary schools, scholarships or merit awards in the school setting.

Community and health

Rotary Clubs, Saint Vincent de Paul societies, Big Brothers Big Sisters, groups for people with disabilities, regional hospitals, community support organizations, Centre de pédiatrie sociale des Appalaches, etc.

Sports and leisure

Centre de ski de fond de l’Or Blanc de Black Lake Fournier employee sports tournament, etc.


Painting symposiums

Targeted clientele

Primary, secondary, vocational, or colleges

Employees and their families (e.g., humanitarian causes affecting them)

Children, youth, people with disabilities, people in need