Put us to the test!

While Fournier originally focused on the execution of welded projects, its reputation as a high-calibre equipment supplier and industrial constructor is now well established. It is based on our unparalleled technical expertise perfected over decades, our proven methods, and our unwavering commitment.

Extensive expertise

Fournier's strength in manufacturing lies in its skilled and experienced personnel, as well as in the capacity of its manufacturing equipment and lifting devices. We handle cutting, preparation, machining, welding, assembly, and painting for the projects we undertake. We especially set ourselves apart through our welding certifications and procedures.

The unbeatable synergy between our engineering and manufacturing departments ensures efficiency and quality.

Highly diverse equipment

Our range of manufacturing equipment is impressive, diverse, and specialized. Our facilities allow us to take on the most complex and ambitious projects.

High-capacity equipment

Facilities enabling the manufacturing and assembly of large-sized components.

Submerged welding arc

Correa milling with a 40 ft table


40 ft cutting table

12Kw laser cutting

Agility and flexibility

The agility and flexibility of our teams and infrastructure have proven themselves time and again. We always stay one step ahead of the market.

Your one-stop shop

Our vertical integration from design to installation makes Fournier your trusted partner from A to Z.


A comprehensive and integrated offer at your service