Integrated solutions

Our world-class services are fully integrated.
We develop solutions that are tailored to your needs, providing proactive and agile support from engineering to installation.

Absolute commitment, worry-free!

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Benefit from a complete and agile vertical integration, going hand in hand with anticipatory capabilities, support up to construction, access to engineers, and full accountability. We understand your reality; as such, we keep tight control of every stage. We help minimize your risks, maximize your profits, and share the burden with you.



You will benefit from the sustained support of our engineers and experts. Their availability, constant responsiveness, and high-level technical support make all the difference. Your project will move forward more quickly, with unforeseen events being minimized, and your operations being optimized. In the end, the excellence and reliability of our team will maximize your return on investment.

Supply chain

Supply chain

With Fournier, you can count on a partner with unparalleled supply chain capabilities, while minimizing supply shortages. You will receive customized, timely deliveries that align with your production fluctuations. With our proven methods and unwavering commitment, we are dedicated to boosting your efficiency.

Your partner every step of the way.

Through our approach, we seek to gain a deep understanding of your project and a strong grip on its variables. Our integrated offering reduces stakeholders, focuses efforts on impactful actions, and detects obstacles upstream.

  • Expertise in various sectors of activity
  • An experienced team in engineering and drafting, along with a skilled workforce
  • Diverse and complementary manufacturing equipment
  • Continuous updates of management, engineering, and drafting software and equipment

Turnkey service

We provide integrated services for each phase of your project.

Our advanced expertise, high level of execution, proven methods, and continuous improvement are guarantees of success.

  • Evaluation and data collection
  • Complete procurement
  • Refurbishment
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Packaging and delivery
  • Inspection and quality control
  • Design, drawing, and detailed engineering
  • Manufacturing and testing
  • Painting and blasting
  • Project management
  • Installation and commissioning

Your competitive advantage

Conventional tender processes involve comparisons with generic solutions as the basis for evaluation. Fournier provides you with a solution centred on your reality, capabilities, needs, and specifications.

These conventional tender processes require an extensive approach: preliminary needs assessment, search for a comparable baseline, numerous evaluations of comparisons, awards, and change management processes... However, all of this adds no value to the project. On the contrary, these steps can ultimately constitute a significant part of the project costs.

Fournier is a preferred partner for clients who have a good understanding of their project or product. Our integrated solutions represent an effective, efficient, competitive... and accelerated option.