Fournier aluminum works

Your aluminum plant deserves to have superior quality and a constant supply.
Fournier ensures a stable supply and consistently high-quality products. You get what you need when you need it, avoiding costly production interruptions.

Your partner of choice

We supply products that consistently meet industry standards.

Our team is committed to providing aluminum plants with quality anodic and cathodic consumables and other industrial products at competitive prices. We specialize in supplying various collector bars and replacement stubs for anode rods of all sizes. Our numerous renowned clients can attest to the quality of our services.

Absolute reliability

Work with a partner who won't treat you like a number.

At Fournier, just-in-time delivery and production agility are not just concepts; we embody them every day. Benefit from our personalized service, great flexibility, and innovative solutions. We will never let you down... especially in case of an emergency.

A solid foundation

A rich history that reflects Fournier's deep roots in the industry

Since its foundation in 1976, Fournier has been a supplier to the company that would become the Alcoa aluminum smelter in Baie-Comeau. Log and collector bar cutting, which began in the mid-80s, quickly became a specialty. Over the years, Fournier added the production of spare parts, finishings for the aluminum industry, and in 2011, we took over responsibility for all materials used in the manufacture of collector bars. Since 2011, several expansions and investments in modern machining, steel cutting, robotic welding and automation equipment have strengthened Fournier's position as a benchmark supplier in the aluminum smelting sector.