Dedicated. Elevated.

Our promise reflects our determination and ability to deliver large-scale complex projects.

The Fournier name is a guarantee of excellence and commitment. It upholds each project bearing our signature and every one of our business relationships. Our promise is anchored in our three pillars of strength.

Execution quality

With Fournier, excellence and reliability are at your fingertips. Benefit from our high level of technical execution, proven methods, and exceptional service. Decrease the probability of unforeseen events, maintenance, production downtimes, and operating costs. Optimize your operations, your equipment lifespan and efficiency, along with your return on investment.

  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Profitability

High-performance products

The high performance of our products is guaranteed. Thanks to our engineering, structure, cutting-edge technologies, and on-site pilot testing, our performance is long-lasting and sustainable. Benefit from economies of scale and shorten your implementation and commercialization timelines. Choose an independent and reliable partner that cares about your present and future needs.

  • Proactivity
  • Simplicity
  • Profitability

Integrated solutions

Benefit from a complete and agile vertical integration, going hand in hand with anticipatory capabilities, support up to construction, access to engineers, and full accountability. We understand your reality; as such, we keep tight control of every stage. We help minimize your risks, maximize your profits, and share the burden with you.

  • Support
  • Procurement
  • Peace of mind