Bolted tanks

Not all industrial bolted tanks are equal.
Fournier Bolted tanks are recognized for their robustness and versatility, whether it's for leaching, metallurgical process, or storage.

Solid savings

By choosing a Fournier bolted tank, decrease your installation costs by 15 to 20%

  • Decrease the total number of required workers.
  • Cost saving on infrastructure required for the construction site camp.
  • Decrease welding time.
  • Optimization of crane usage time.
  • No scaffolding system used.
  • Groundwork maximized; fewer maneuvers at height.

Proven approach

Our bottom-up approach, supported by thorough planning, is synonymous with efficiency, agility, and smoothness. It enhances safety on the construction site and provides our clients with savings in construction time and infrastructure costs

Tailored to your needs

Fournier Bolted tanks come to you with all their accessories, including secondary steel structures. They are specifically designed for the intended application. No detail is overlooked, including wall thickness, floors, or even the roof. And, of course, Fournier tanks also comply with the American Petroleum Institute API 650 standard for storage.

Quality and resistance guaranteed

Custom bolted

Our bolted joints are entirely designed based on technical data ensuring compliance with all structural requirements: site location, use and placement of the tank, temperature, wind, seismic risk zones, etc.


The seal weld are calculated according to the specific requirements of the application in question, including the permissible corrosion tolerance (corrosion allowance). No rubber gaskets, no cover plates.


All manufacturing of Fournier bolted tanks is done while adhering to sustained quality under our quality assurance and control policy (QA/QC).


The installation is carried out according to defined methods and an on-site execution plan developed from pre-feasibility and feasibility phases.

Turnkey services

Our solutions include the design, manufacturing, and installation of bolted tanks of any size that seamlessly integrate into your facilities. Choose tanks that stand out on all fronts, including cost effectiveness, efficiency, safety, user-friendliness, and maintenance.

Trust us with your projects

Make Fournier your partner of choice for your tanks, whether they are conventional or modular.