Rotary Press

Fournier stands out as your top choice for assured performance, resilient equipment, and energy-efficient solutions. Our Rotary Press is versatile, catering to various sludge types and seamlessly adaptable to your specific project requirements. With its user-friendly operation and guaranteed reliability, it stands as the preferred equipment, ensuring peace of mind throughout your endeavors. A true equipment of choice.

Multiple advantages

Appreciated by operators

The rotary press is the preferred equipment for environmental specialists due to its simplicity and cleanliness. Say goodbye to noise, odours, and unpleasant sludge spills thanks to completely sealed channels. The rotary press is automated and requires minimal supervision. It is the only technology on the market that is safe for automatic, self-contained, and remote-controlled operation.

Adapts to your future needs

Choose flexibility and future-proof your setup by easily incorporating additional channels later. Boost your plant's productivity without the need for configuration changes. The Rotary Press is a modular equipment, allowing the seamless addition of channels to cater to your expanding requirements. It's a solution that adapts both promptly and progressively to meet your evolving needs.

Flexibility and proven efficiency

The Rotary Press is composed of a series of channels, each representing independent dewatering cells, providing a high degree of modularity and flexibility. No more complete unit shutdowns. The sludge is fed at low pressure into the channel and compacts between two parallel rotating filtering elements. As free water passes through these elements, the sludge continues its rotation and gradually dries as it moves inside the channel. It accumulates until it generates enough back pressure against the restriction valve, resulting in the extrusion of a very dry cake.

Reduced operational costs

Finally, equipment that takes long-term costs into account! Enjoy proven savings due to low energy and polymer consumption. Moreover, since the rotary press rotates slowly and consists of very few mechanical parts, maintenance is simple and is not required very often. Save time and money on maintenance, not to mention the savings on final disposal costs due to high cake dryness. Feel free to contact our team for a detailed analysis of potential savings on your operational costs.

Our models

Single Channel

Two Channels

Three Channels

Four Channels

Five Channels

Six Channels

Seven Channels

Eight Channels


Sending samples

Please send us a representative sample of your sludge for assessing expected performance and determining the optimal equipment configuration. Our state-of-the-art laboratory enables swift and precise characterization of your sludge. This service is provided at no cost, and you will receive a concise and comprehensive report, an added value signed Fournier.