Water treatment

Whether for municipal or industrial applications, Fournier skillfully controls treatment processes and offers unparalleled solutions. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the market. You can rely on an experienced team to support you and provide valuable technical advice.

International reputation

Fournier's solutions are recognized internationally. Several plants around the world rely on us for the dewatering of their sludge. Indeed, the performance and reliability of our equipment, including our unique rotary press have earned international trust. Fournier is an experienced benchmark partner.

Comprehensive support

Our multidisciplinary teams will support you throughout the process. You will benefit from our unparalleled technical expertise honed over decades, our proven methods, and our sense of innovation.

Full-scale pilot testing

No surprises: we guarantee performance for every project. Fournier commits to coming to your site to develop the best solution according to your standards. A pilot unit ensures quality results that will be accurately reproduced in your facility. Experience the benefits of our equipment in your installations.

Free sludge analysis

Our state-of-the-art laboratory provides a fast and precise characterization of your sludge to determine the best possible equipment configuration. Get a quote that is tailored specifically to your needs. There is little we don’t know about sludge management, and we guarantee seemless execution.

Project commissioning and training

We are committed to contributing to your success. Our qualified technicians will assist you on site during you’re the start-up and ensuring the efficiency of your installations. You can rest assured that you will have all the tools to operate and maintain your equipment in the simplest and most optimal way.

A partner who won’t let you down

As a trusted and reliable partner, Fournier will always be there to support you in the case of any issue, with our mobile team travelling to your plant to resolve it. They work hand in hand with the after-sales service, which is easily available to provide spare parts quickly if needed. We aim to increase your productivity, but also to ensure your peace of mind.